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A Creative Social Media Workshop. 

Buzzing with The Human Beehive Since 2012.

Your community is your beehive  - your loyal customers, users, clients.

We find them, engage them and activate them for you. 

Creative social media strategies, content development, graphic design, video production and  lead generation strategies.

Content is your Queen Bee. Engaging and activating your "bees"  through sweet, creative Content Creation is what separates you from everyone else. 


Content is Queen Bee. While all media channels are ever changing, the content you produce is what keeps you in the lead. 


Our copywriters create sweet content that sticks and generates buzz.  


Your community is your beehive. Dvashh engages and activates your community of loyal "bees", making them buzz for you. 


We develop and grow communities that are active and engaged. 


Creativity in an age of overstimulation and  15 sec Insta-story impressions can be a challenge. But your brand will shine through all the noise with a strong brand developed by our team of strategists and creative artists.  


Branded Entertainment and Content Integration into existing channels and shows is the way to get your message across when the typical TV spot is being skipped. 


We produce and create TV and web content that spotlights your brand.  

let's make some honey

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