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How many social media posts do you need to post each day?

Garry V recommends posting 64-100 pieces of content each day on 7-10 different social networks!

We know, it sounds crazy. How could you possibly keep up with 64-100 pieces of content each day? Well, when you divide and concur it doesn't sound too bad. For example:

  • 15 tweets

  • 10 LinkedIn posts

  • 7 Instagram posts

  • 15 Instagram stories

  • 15 Facebook stories

  • 1 TikTok video

  • 1 Instagram video

All equal 64 posts per day. Blog posts, YouTube videos, memes, pictures, quotes, also count. Content creation online does not take a lot of time. You can craft a post in 1-5 minutes per post. It's the content and style of post that make the difference. Social posts must be relatable, engaging, and offer a solution, help and advice. ideally, they should make people think and feel. Connect with you and what you're doing and offering. In 2020, neglecting your social media channel is not an option - it's like ignoring people who call you for advice and want your help. You can no longer ignore online conversations. You must participate and engage. We at Social Buzz Online understand that most business owners don't have the time to create online content. That's why we're here, offering easy, ready-to-go, affordable social media marketing for all! There are no more excuses for any business to not have a well oiled social marketing machine by their side, working for them while they're working. Reach out to us today and let us know how we can help!


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