A Virtual Agency Since 2012

Since 2012, Dvashh (Honey in Hebrew) is a "beehive" collaboration of leading global marketing, technology and entertainment executives, some of the greatest thinkers, innovators and creators on the planet, who worked with Fortune 500 companies and top brands, and are now available for you.

Unlimited Creativity 

We are a creative collective of writers, designers, web developers, content creators, technologists, TV producers and media buyers, working on every industry, in every location.


Tapping into great executive talent in innovation, creativity, entertainment and technology, and activating them for each brand, is what separates us from any other traditional agency model. 

We Work From everywhere - 24/7 

Recognizing that talent is not attached to a geographical location,  we have working virtual  "bees"  all over the world, who are renown innovators, to serve brands with unlimited creativity and productivity around the clock.

We work from everywhere - 24/7!

driven by neuroscience

Trained in neuroscience, mind power techniques, NLP and CBT, we know what people want, and infuse these methodologies into everything we do and create. 

We Try Harder!

We are hands on working on your brand!

We appreciate you MORE.

We appreciate every dollar you give us MORE.

We want to impress you MORE.

We work HARDER for you. 

Let us prove it!

limor ben ari,

Chief Honey Officer 

With over 20 years of marketing & advertising experience working with global and national Fortune 500 companies and large ad agencies, a technology background working for the Israeli Ministry of defense Communications Dept., and with over a decade of working with TV shows and production houses, Limor Ben Ari wanted to offer an alternative agency model for brands, offering Marketing, Technology and Entertainment solutions for brands, focusing on pure productivity and creativity, unlimited by geo-location, office spaces and talent. 

In 2012 she launched Dvashh (Honey in Hebrew), a virtual agency with a team of global creative experts, creating a community of innovators to provide all the services a brand would need to launch and grow.

Limor is a trained Neuromarketer, infusing neuroscience methodologies into content creation, technology and entertainment and its creative development process. her goal is spreading sweetness and connecting the human beehive through marketing, technology and media.

  • Over 20 years of marketing global and national brands.

  • Worked with Fortune 500 companies,  large ad agencies, start-ups, national, and global businesses. 

  • Worked with TV shows and media channels on brand integration and mega sponsorships deals.

  • Worked on ad campaigns north of $20mm.

  • Preformed all forms of marketing; TV, radio, print, outdoors, online, social, etc. 

  • Built social communities from the ground to over 1,000,000 followers.

  • Leaders in the entertainment, technology, real estate, lifestyle, health & wellness, and more!

  • International: Multicultural. Worked with brands in Israel, Germany, Russia and beyond. 

  • Reputable. Our clients have been working with us for years! And refer us to others.

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Dvashh Beehive


Bryan Kestner

Bryan Kestner is the Executive Producer of "Southern Charm" on Bravo, and the original creator of Planet Hollywood. 

Bryan works with Dvashh on Content Creation, Branded Entertainment,  and Production of TV shows and docu-series for brands.

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Ronald Hans

Co-Founder of TechTalk Media, producers of the multi-award winning TechTalk TV show.

TechTalk Media have partnered with Dvashh to identify potential content partnerships and sponsorships for the show.


Enon Landenberg

This Dreamer & Doer is the founder of sFBI (Small Factory Big Ideas), a start-Up tech studio. He worked with large brands like Coca Cola, and also helped send the first Israeli Space ship to the moon!

With him by our side we know -

the sky is not even the limit when it comes to innovation.


Sefi Shaked

Named "Mad Man", Sefi is the creative mind behind award winning campaigns for some of the largest brands in the world including Fiat, Adidas, Uber, Castro, Infiniti, El Al and more!


Patrick Zarrelli

Patrick is our Web Dev, SEO and digital advertising pro with hundreds of websites under his belt. 


Allen Levine

Allen is our Social Media Advertising pro. Working with Allen we produce capturing ads and videos, that he then manages and brings to millions of eyeballs. 

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