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Brand Architecture: 5 Steps for Developing Your Brand

I’ve been doing marketing and branding for large corporations, ad agencies and personal brands for 17 years. I want to share this information now with you. My mission? Help people get their message out and make impact using their gifts and talents.

In this video I lay out the 5 Steps to creating your Brand Architecture. This is the first thing you do when you start brainstorming for developing your brand identity.

1) Who are you?

Describe who you are in 5 words.

What is your gift? Talent? How do you make in impact on society? In the world?

Here you can use any titles, awards and recognitions you have achieved in life and business.

For example, description words can be:

Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Musician, Father/Mother, Sales Expert, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Doctor, Home developer, Beauty expert, etc.

Choose 5 that best represent who you are.

2) What’s your story?

Share your story of how you became who you are in 5 lines. What inspired you? What motivates you? What challenge have you been through? Triumph? What made you who you are and how did you discover your gift/talent/contribution?

This should be done in one paragraph, 5 lines, and it should be emotionally stimulating and thought provoking. Make people think, smile, cry. Be real, raw and authentic. Allow people to truly connect with you and your story.

3) Who cares?

Describe the 5 different people – personalities – that should care about who you are and your story. The 5 different types of personas you can impact and add to or change their life.

Get into the details of who they are, what they do when they wake up in the morning, what are their hobbies, habits, what TV shows do they watch, what do they like to do, their thoughts, feelings. Describe them as detailed as you can. Even give them names.

These are your people. The essence of your community.

4) Why should they care?

Line item 5 reasons they should care about who you are and your story. The value you offer them. What do you add to their life?

5) How are you adding to their life?

List your products, services and offerings – actual tools and things you offer or sell that add to their life. This is your business – your products, services and what you are selling or giving them.

Once you wrote it all down your brand, mission and vision should be clear.

Good luck and tell me what you think :)

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