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5 Legal Marketing Tips for 2020

Unlike other industries, legal marketing can get a bit... ummm...


Most lawyers and law firm ads tend to look the same, with minimal engagement by potential clients, unless large sums of ad dollars go into a very well executed marketing plan, that is still usually under stimulating for the mind.

Well, we accepted the unspoken industry challenge and crafted the perfect, creative plan for lawyers and law firms to stand out and be uniquely positioned as " celebrities " in their area of practice. (and we worked with celebrities, so we know).

To get your hands on our suggested marketing plan for lawyers, reach out: Contact Us.

For now, here are 5 Marketing Tips for Lawyers to adopt in 2020:

1) Creative Content Creation

Over the past decade, legal marketing has stuck to "traditional" digital content creation, such as building a website, putting up a blog, distributing posts on social and calling it a day.

That's all great to show that you are alive online. But it's not good enough to create a sustainable practice that stand out from the masses.

We need to go beyond SEO blogs and posts that educate and provide tips and advice. Yes, these are necessary and a must, but they do not create a real, authentic connection between you and potential clients.

Creative and engaging legal content creation will help customers differentiate between you and others online. It should be true to you as a lawyer, not just your practice area, and should highlight how you personally help people, highlight your unique methodologies, showcase your brand personality, and be consistent to your brand voice and look.

Creating graphic visual collages that are attractive and engaging, and entice people to contact you combined with emotionally engaging copywriting, is key.

Creativity is a lost art, but it still exists. We just need to wake up the industry.

2) Reach Celebrity Status

Personal branding in 2020 is more important than corporate branding.

People like to talk to people - not companies.

Your opportunity as a lawyer to create real connections online personally is greater than the opportunity of your law firm to attract people - especially on social media. Algorithm stands against you as a business page, due to visibility challenges as social platforms will push you to invest in ad dollars.

Activating your personal social pages and creating a personal brand that acts as a celebrity in your field is what's going to differentiate you and give you a stage online. Creating a personal brand around your services will give you an edge over others.

3) Get on TikTok

No, TikTok is not only for kids. It's now also for their parents - which downloaded it because of their kids and are now rocking it. Last year TikTok was the #1 most dowloaded app in the app store. The 30+ demographic is the fastest growing demo on tikTok and HHI stands at 100k+.

Your customers are on there, and your competition is only starting to take notice.

The lawyers profiles on TikTok are just starting to popup and garnering millions of followers and hundreds of thousands of views. Because not many lawyers are on there yet - which provides a huge market opportunity.

TikTok videos are a creative way to show you are different and automatically gives you a "cool" status that humanizes you and creates real connections.

Here are some examples of lawyers on TikTo:


WhatsApp is a communication app that allows for personal messaging and interactions through text, video, image, voice and video calls. You can also open up a text group with your subscribers and utilize it as a messaging blast platform for phone contacts. Offering a WhatsApp contact button on your website can open up your leads source and offer an alternative method of communication that is currently under utilized for business but has been blowing up for personal users.

5) Facebook Messanger

A close runner up to WhatsApp in downloads, and a convenient way for you to interact with potential clients is through Facebook Messenger.

Running ads driving to Facebook Messages leads have been proven to convert in a higher rate than all other ads, linking to an external landing page. People are more comfortable chatting within their facebook profile than to step outside of the platform and chat. By being interactive through Facebook messaging, you come into people's world where they are - instead of asking them to step outside of their virtual world and come to you. Hence why communicating through Facebook message can offer greater results.

You can also automate Facebook messages through a Chat Bot and create a click funnel within the messenger. But we are not fans of that as we like real people talking to real people. But that is an option in case your practice gets overwhelmed with incoming messages.

The end goal is to see increase in engagement:

and off course, leads:

For help with taking your legal marketing to the next level - please contact us.

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