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Social Buzz Techniques You Must Have on Autopilot in 2020

There are things you have to do online as s business every day, in order to stay “Open Online”.

Your websites, your blogs, your social channels, your emails, your videos… That's your Online Real Estate. That's a way for you to have an “Open” sign online for billions of people. Right now there's a billion people on Facebook alone. We have to celebrate technology. It's really an amazing tool for us to use, if we know how to use it. But there are things that right now, in 2020, you must do for your business and for yourself to be open for business online, and those things are… 1) You have to have a website, and it must be SEO optimized. Otherwise, you're not visible online. Nobody's going to see you. 2) You have to have daily social media posts on all the main channels. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, to start. LinkedIn if you're a business-to-business operation, YouTube weekly. Those are the main platforms that you need to always have active. Because when you're not active on either one of these platforms, you basically have a “Closed for Business” sign on your Online Real Estate Office Door, and that is bad news. So you have to be open for business with daily postings. Gary Vee recommend 69 pieces of content a day. I think that's a little bit overwhelming. I think that a Daily Post at a minimum should do, and it should all look and feel like you, and talk like you, and communicate like you… and by you I mean your company, or brand, or yourself, whatever you're promoting and marketing. Daily Posts on social media, all the channels, are key, because every channel has a different demo and different people on it. So you have to have that going. 3) You need a weekly blog post with SEO optimized content on your website going every week. And that has to be specific to your industry, it has to have good keywords in it, good information, shareable, and get distributed online. That has to go every week, ideally on the same day. 4) You also have to have a video every week going out. It can be of you, or your employees, your operation, information or tips. It doesn't have to be overly produced. Actually, videos today perform better when they're under produced. Just you sitting in front of the camera, talking, is enough to humanize you and help you make authentic connections. Those are in fact the highest producing videos, because it's real people talking to real people. 5) You need to grow your email database. Email is still a thing in 2020. And yes, you have to have a monthly (at least) newsletter going out to your community, your people, your loyal customers, 6) Weekly promotional emails with incentives for them to stay engaged with you. These are the things that every single business in 2020 has to have on autopilot, like an automated machine, to show that you're for business online. Any Ad Agency, any marketing Guru / expert is using the same tools in 2020. And content is Queen Bee! You have to share engaging content, optimized content, to grow your community. Now, there are other digital advertising techniques you can utilize for lead generation, such as Facebook or Google ads, which are extremely effective, very targeted, can get you leads, can get you sales. I know a lot of people love clicks, leads, and sales, and it's definitely a good way to get sales, but… it's not a good way to grow your community. Community, and growing your community, are very important because your community are loyal people that love and connect to your brand and your company, and your service, that you can keep talking to and engaging with, a year… two years… five years… ten years from now, and they can share and talk about you, and refer you to others. That's the value of a community and building a community through proper content marketing plan, described above. If you do lead generation campaigns, they’re great to get phone calls and emails instantly, but they're not good over the long term, because you need to invest more and more money into more ads. You need to keep chasing the clicks. Chasing the clicks is good, if you have a lot of money to chase the clicks, but it's not if you want to maximize the value on your spending over time. We can help you. We set up a system to make everything super easy and automated, that if you want marketing done for you, it's all simplified, automated, industry specific, and customized to your brand. It's like a well-oiled marketing machine that's working for you on-the-go, all the time, so you don't have to think about any of the stuff. Just visit our homepage, click an order.

So, let's finish this quarantine strong, and kickoff 2021 with an awesome finish for 2020… despite it all.


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