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We have the know-how you need.

Content is Queen (Bee)

Marketing channels are all the same: TV, Print, Social Media, Google Ads, SEO, Emails, Ads...are all just channels of communication, and we know how to use them all!! but how you use them - the content you produce, is what makes all the difference.

Dvashh recruits and deploys the best content creators in the industry for your hive based on your industry, solutions and services.

Your Beehive is Your Honey

Your beehive, your community, your people, are your honey producers: Your loyal group of bees - buzz agents. They are the ones you need to engage so they endorse you, buzz about you, and make your honey.
These are the people in your social media community, your database of email subscribers, your viewers, readers, followers - and your loyal customers.
Dvashh grows your beehive engaging the right bees for you, garnering the nectar.

Engaging & Activating Your Bees

Once your beehive is grown and engaged, you need to activate them to buzz for you. Engage them, connect with them - personally, reward them, be honest with them, real, authentic, and add to their life.
Buzzing Around
Using the right mix of “buzzing channels” (media channels), we will buzz around and collect the nectar for you.

Branding + Content Creation + Creative Development + Branded Entertainment + Social Media + VR/AR/AI +Multimedia productions

- Branding; logo, taglines, copy & story

- Copywriting & graphic design

- Multimedia & video production

- Storytelling Photography & styling 

- Models recruitment

- Brand Reputation Management

- Reviews & endorsements

- Website design & dev
- Social media marketing
- Email marketing
- Blogging & Newsletters
- Facebook ads
- Facebook Chat Bots
- Google Ads
- SEO 
- Public Relations
- Media Reach out
- Press creation & distribution
- Influencers engagement
- Celebrity engagement
- Events planning
- Promotions & street teams
- Branded entertainment
- Partnerships and Collabs
- Media planning & buying  (TV, Radio, print, outdoors, online)

Personal Branding + Start-Ups + Corporate + National/Global Brands