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    Experts in developing comprehensive marketing strategies that launch and grow brands.


    From Branding, Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, Web development, lead generation, SEO, and digital marketing, to media productions and national brand growth strategies, after working on multi-million dollar ad campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, we know how to shoot your brand to the sky.



    Creativity in an age of overstimulation and  15 sec Insta-story impressions can be a challenge. But your brand will shine through all the noise with a strong brand integration strategy into current media platforms and channels. 

    We work with the nation's leading TV production houses to find the perfect show and channels to showcase your brand. We are believers in Branded Entertainment, Content Integration into TV shows, and organic media placement in existing distribution channels as a method to stand out and make your brand a star, outside the digital "noise". 



    We help build technologies, launch start-ups, and bring ideas to life.


    From developing your first prototype and concept, to building your investors deck, identifying and inviting board members and investors, matching you up with the perfect CTO and CFO, and crafting your launch-to-market marketing strategy - we know how to launch and grow start up brands to national and global recognition.  


    You can hire us to hands-on do all the work, or hire us as your side-kick in an advisory or consultation position. 

    Marketing, Entertainment, Technology consultation and/or coaching for group or one-on-one sessions is available. 



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